New Brunswick High School

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The administrators and teachers of New Brunswick Public School District believe that all children can and will learn in a safe, well organized environment that is conducive to learning.  All children will become proficient in language arts literacy (reading, writing and speaking) by the end of grade 3.  All stakeholders play an important role in supporting the students to become literate, critical thinkers and articulate communicators who contribute to our democratic society.  Teachers are responsible to plan and implement effective instructional strategies that address the needs of all students.  Parents are responsible for preparing students to be ready to learn and supporting them throughout their school careers.  Students must also take responsibility for their learning and become active learners.        

Board of Education members and administrators are responsible for the operation of all educational programs that utilize the rich resources of the greater New Brunswick community and acknowledge the diverse cultures and backgrounds of our student population.  Schools will partner with community organizations and institutions of higher education to provide experiences that will continue to enrich the teaching and learning activities available to members of the New Brunswick Public School District.

Vision StatementTop of Page

The New Brunswick Public School District is committed to providing high quality learning experiences that address the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS), the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and Character Education, for students from early childhood years through the secondary grades. Teachers will implement standards-based instructional strategies to meet the diverse needs of students in each subgroup. Students will engage in developmentally-appropriate, research-based learning activities that foster critical thinking skills and high self-esteem.  The ongoing, multifaceted parent involvement initiatives will acknowledge the value that is placed on the meaningful involvement of community and family members.