Welcome to New Brunswick High School

Message from the Principal

Dear Zebra Family,
New Brunswick High School delivers a broad range of experiences and opportunities geared to encourage intellectual, social, and emotional growth. Students have demonstrated excellence in academic, athletic, and community service. We will continue to produce diverse experiences that enhance learning while building student character.    
As your Principal, I remain committed to maximizing student opportunities for growth in all areas. We will accomplish this through focused learning that is continually supported with the latest innovations in delivering instruction. We will continue to refine our curriculum, embrace new technology, and prepare our students for 21st century skills and job opportunities.  

I encourage all students, parents, and teachers to strive for excellence and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you throughout the school year.  

Parents - treasure every moment watching your children blossom into young adults. 
Teachers - take pride in the role you serve to help mold our future leaders. Students - cherish your high school experience and the fond memories you will create…  Make it count in every way! 

Committed to you,

Go Zebras - All In!
Jorge E. Diaz